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Recent successes are on my Facebook page:


Here are some of my older reviews:



“To Sharan, thank you for all your help, patience and support during my driving lessons.




JOSHUA BACHE_HALEY (test: 23/11/17)



“You were always helpful and have instilled good driving habits in me. You’re great at your job and made driving enjoyable.”


BORIS KARL (test: 20/11/17)



“Thank you Sharan for getting me to book my test in Kettering. Those lessons really helped me get ready for my test.”


WILLIAM DAWSON (test: 17/11/17)



“Great instructor! Covers everything in depth and is willing to revisit manoeuvres if you require more help with them.”


RYAN TURNER (test: 27/10/17)



“Very patient, thanks so much for putting up with my constant stressing and fast driving!

I always looked forward to my driving lessons, always felt at ease + you gave me lots of confidence and always took into account what I wanted to practice J.”


ELLIE KIRKPATRICK (test: 05/10/17)



“Thank you for providing me with a few lessons to shape my driving in order for me to pass my test.

It was very much appreciated and now I am enjoying my freedom.”


MOLLY WHITE (test: 17/06/17)



“I’ve really enjoyed my lessons.

You taught me at a slow, gradual pace that was perfect for my driving ability.

Not only did you teach me these skills to pass my test, but you taught me how to be an overall safe driver.

Thank you.”


JENNY ASHLEY (test: 16/05/17)



          – Well-structured lessons

            – Reliable

            – Encouraging

            – Well explained

            – Familiarisation with possible routes”


ELLA GILES (test: 12/05/17)



“Probably the things that stood out for me was the patience and the way you built it up. I didn’t feel pressured to do well, I was encouraged.”


ANNA MUNOZ (test: 26/04/17)



“Sharan, you are amazing! I actually feel like my confidence has soared and I love how you call your car ‘her’.

Will miss that babe but thanks to you I now have a qualification that will be with me forevs and I came out of a bad patch of driving fruitful and ready to invest in a Ford Focus – the car of my dreams since 7 yrs old.”


FLORENCE CONERNEY (test: 05/04/17)



“I really enjoyed my lessons with Chequered Flag Driving School.

I liked the relaxed approach, as it made lessons fun and boosted my confidence”


ROBERT BURTON (test: 04/04/17)



“I really enjoyed my lessons. Sharan was very thorough.

Sharan gives easily understood instructions.”


RUTH LETCHMORE (test: 23/03/17)



“Learning with Sharan was well structured and stress free which helped me massively. I always knew what I would be learning and how to complete it helping meto see my own progression as a driver. The car was lovely to learn in and I only wish I could drive it constantly! Highly recommend to enyone.”


FRASER HUTTON (test: 20/03/17)



“I am very grateful to Sharan for getting me through my test .

She was always on time and easy to chat to and learn from .

No stress and made me feel very confident in my driving.”


MILLISSA SUNDERLAND (test: 08/02/17)



“Sharan was very patient, explained instructions well and reason for doing manoeuvres, pleased to have my independence back.

Will be using Sharan again when my son starts learning to drive”


BRIDGET KEEN (test: 20/01/17 – upgraded automatic license to manual)



“The lessons throughout were hugely beneficial and I always felt comfortable due to you always being calm and understanding.

Thank you very much and would highly recommend!”


THOMAS DAVIES-PARRATT (test: 16/01/17)



“It was so lovely to be taught by you, Sharan, as you always reassured me if I was nervous about anything and never made me feel bad for getting something wrong.

Thanks again for all you help, Izzy x”


IZZY GOODSALL (test: 09/01/17)



“Sharan is an absolutely amazing instructor, she explains everything perfectly and goes over topics multiple times to make sure you know and understand what you’re doing.

She is also very calm when you do something wrong and nice to chat to – which takes the edge off a little bit as learning to drive can be quite terrifying!

I would definitely recommend learning with her J


IMOGEN RUDDLE (test: 05/01/17)



 “Sharan was wonderful to help review and critique my driving. I have had a license for over 35 years and Sharan was very helpful in highlighting areas to improve and focus.

She is great company too, which is a bonus!”


SYLVIA GILES (test: 03/01/17)



 “I really enjoyed my lessons and felt very prepared when I took my test”


GRIFFIN GILES (test: 06/10/16)



 “You are a patient and kind instructor who provides the whole driving experience. Would highly recommend. Well worth the time, even if it takes you 3 attempts!!!.


HENRY NELSON-LUCAS (test: 26/09/16)



“Thank you Sharan. Thoroughly enjoyed my time and the lessons were very good.

Mat xx”


MATTHEW CHAPMAN (test: 03/08/16)



“I found learning to drive with Chequered Flag Driving School very enjoyable & with no stress.

I would highly recommend learning with Chequered Flag.”


BAILEY ABEL (test: 09/06/16)



“Sharan, you’re a star! It really shows when one works with someone dedicated and talented in what they do, as is the case with you.

I would not hesitate to recommend your lessons to anyone.”


BARBARA DAVIDSON (test: 22/03/16)



 “Thank you so much Sharan for teaching me to drive.

You always managed to stay so calm and made me confident.

Mum says you’ll have my sister in 4 years!”


BARNABY LANCASTER-ADLAM (test: 09/03/2016)



“The lessons are flexible and focused. There’s a clear objective and structure to each session in a comfortable environment and a welcoming attitude.”


GEORGE STURDY (test: 07/03/2016)



“I thought Sharan was always really calm about things that I did wrong which helped and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow.”


ANTHONY GRAY (test: 19/02/16)



 “An amazing teacher. It was like I was learning with my best friend. A very fun way to learn to drive.”


GAVIN SEAMAN (test: 17/02/16)



“Learning with Chequered Flag was a complete at ease experience which really helped me feel relaxed and confident whilst driving. Sharan is an amazing instructor who is enthusiastic, calm and patient. She became somewhat of a friend during the time I spent with her and I would definitely recommend others to take lessons with her”


JADE TORKA (test: 25/01/16)



“Fantastic teacher that gives great detailed instruction.

Sharan gave me lots of confidence and made it a very relaxing atmosphere on every lesson.

Helped me massively by getting me through my lessons and test in a relatively short amount of time.”


IAN GODFREY (test: 19/01/2016)



“Sharan was an excellent instructor; she made me feel comfortable behind the wheel of a car despite how nervous I was.
It did take me a long time from beginning my lessons to passing my test but I feel like Sharan taught me to drive rather than just teaching me to pass a test.”


EMILY JACKSON (test: 29/12/2015)



“Thank you very much for being a patient and supportive instructor.

You enabled me to learn to drive at my own pace and confidence levels.

Although I thought it would be a stressful experience to learn, it ended up being enjoyable and informative.

Thank you very much.”


TEIGAN HARBOUR (test: 07/12/2015)



“Thank you so much for helping me pass my test!

You made me feel so comfortable and a lot more confident with each lesson I had with you.

I couldn’t have had a better teacher.”


BECKY BURROUGHS (test: 18/11/2015)



“Enjoyable lessons, approachable instructor and a relaxed atmosphere gave me confidence.”


CHLOE RUTHERFORD (test: 23/10/2015)



“Fantastic driving instructor!

Very helpful and a great teacher, explains clearly and will help you until you get it.

Calm and never shouts.

Very flexible with timings and lessons and always gets the best out of people.”


DOMINIC AINSWORTH (test: 24/09/2015)



“Really enjoyed my lessons with Sharan.

Very easy to get on with, flexible and good lesson structure.

Thank you!”


HENRY FARRER (test: 10/07/2015)



“I loved my lessons! I felt so supported and relaxed even from the dreaded ‘first lesson’!

Thank you so much for everything and putting up with my endless talking and giggling!!”


POPPY HALL (test: 21/04/2015)



 “Thank you so much for all your help and your patience with me!
Such a good time on lessons!”


FRANCESCA WRIGHT (test: 24/03/2015)



“Sharan was a really great teacher & great company.

She got rid of all my nerves almost instantly and was really supportive!
It was super driving lessons & she was very reliable & always made time for me which was great!”


TAYLA MOUNTER (test: 26/02/2015)



 “Thank you so much for making learning to drive an enjoyable experience.

I always felt relaxed and my confidence grew with every lesson.

You are always friendly and patient, which made making mistakes easier to learn from.

It has been a pleasure to drive with you and I would recommend you to new drivers.

Thank you so much again!”


LOUISE HAMILL (test: 21/10/2014)



“Sharan was a very efficient instructor; she kept a calm and friendly atmosphere and made me instantly feel at ease.

She made me feel relaxed even when I got something wrong.

She went through each step thoroughly ensuring you knew what you were doing.

I would highly recommend Sharan.”





“Really relaxed and supportive learning environment.

Lots of help with test preparation and flexible with lesson times too.

Thanks very much for all your help. J





“Really good instructor, always acted calm even if you did something wrong.

Prepared me really well for my test which really reduced my nerves and would recommend to anyone. J





 “ -  Very friendly
   -  Makes you feel very confident
   -  Always arrives on time
   -  Lets you know early if there is a change of plans
   -  Teaches you everything you need to know, if not more, to pass your test
   -  Everything you need in a driving instructor

Thank you so much Sharan, you were great.“





“I would recommend Chequered Flag to absolutely anybody!

Personal, tailor made lesson plans and absolutely no pressure.

I’m now full of confidence in my driving ability!

I can drive, I will pass my test!!!

Thank you so much Sharan”





“Thanks Sharan! Lessons were fun and enjoyable – I always felt comfortable and confident with Sharan next to me.

I now feel that I was not only able to pass my test but have also gained valuable experience of what it’s like to drive on the road.

I would highly recommend Chequered Flag Driving School!”





“I was such a hesitant and nervous driver at first, but with Sharan’s calm attitude and kind teaching, I very quickly became more confident with my driving.

She challenged me to do certain ‘obstacles’ that I disliked, but always kept all instructions very straightforward and clear so I knew I could do it. 

Thank you, Sharan!!”





“I found all of our lessons enjoyable and useful.

All the topics covered were concise, meaning I understood with practice.

The discount booking was a bonus.

The teaching was of high standard, and neat for not just passing the test but for driving life!

Many thanks.”





 “Lessons with Sharan were clear and easy going. I enjoyed the whole driving experience. Practice makes perfect.”





“After a bad experience 10 years ago, I stopped learning to drive and I have always regretted not being able to drive.

So I plucked up the courage this year to start learning again.

My lessons with Sharan were actually fun and I felt relaxed.

I wish Sharan had been my instructor 10 years ago, then I wouldn’t have wasted so many years not being able to drive and missing out on work/job opportunities.”





“I really enjoyed my driving lessons was always friendly and helpful.

If I ever had a problem with my driving Sharan always quickly resolved it with me.

Learning to drive with Sharan was a fun and positive experience.

I have already recommended Sharan to other learners.

Thank you very much!”





“Thank you very much, I have enjoyed every lesson I have had, and pleased to have found an instructor I can completely relax with.

I am thankful for all the help you have given in helping me pass my test and will miss seeing you every other week.

Thanks again.”





"I had passed my test years previously, but due to a bad driving experience lost complete confidence and stopped driving. Due to a necessity to get back to work I contacted Sharan of Chequered Flag for a refresher course. She was calming and fun, putting me at ease on the very first lesson, when I sat behind the wheel a bag of nerves!!

After only a handful of lessons (I really thought it would never happen) I am now not ONLY on the road daily but planning a driving trip to northern Scotland!

I would thoroughly recommend her to new and old drivers as someone who will help you enjoy a safe but fun driving experience at an affordable rate too!"





“I would just like to say that Sharan has been great right from the beginning.  She is the third instructor I have had and by far the best.  She made learning so much easier with her 'recipes' for manoeuvres and without her continuous help and support I would never have had the confidence I needed to pass my test.  I am grateful to Sharan and will recommend her to friends.”





“This is to certify that Mrs. Sharan Jackson-Rimmer was my sole driving Instructor from my first driving lesson to my passing the practical driving test in April 2010. I received about 25 hours of tuition and I was very happy throughout with the way that Sharan handled the pace and development of my skills to reach test pass ability.  Sharan has the perfect blend of patience and firmness needed to ensure that at each stage of my development and exposure to everyday driving experiences I acquired the necessary skills at the right time and in the correct manner.

I have total confidence in Sharan’s ability to teach anyone to drive safely and competently in fact she is now teaching my wife to drive who has no previous road experience whatsoever.

I was also very impressed with Sharan’s professional conduct, always punctual and courteous, and I have no hesitation in recommending Sharan’s Instructor training to anyone wishing to gain a driving license.”










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