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What you will need to start:


Your driving licence

You will need to have a valid photo-card driving licence before you can start learning to drive or to apply for your theory test.


Your eyesight

When we first meet, I will need to check your driving licence and ask you to read a number plate from 20.5m to check your eyesight (it is an offence to drive with uncorrected defective vision), If you believe that there may be a problem with your sight you should consult an optician before you begin your lessons.


How many lessons will I need?

This is the most common question that a pupil asks an instructor. Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer to this. Everyone is different, we all learn in different ways and therefore learn at different rates. The number of driving lessons you will need will depend upon how easily you pick up the skills necessary to learn to drive safely.


What to wear?

You should wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement. You should wear comfortable footwear high heels, rigid shoes or boots will limit your ability to use the pedals smoothly.


Your First Lesson

If you are new to driving our first lesson will be on a quiet road, where we will go over the cockpit drill. The cockpit drill is the procedure that you will follow at the beginning of every lesson, it ensures that the vehicle is safe and secure and that you are seated correctly with mirrors aligned and adjusted correctly. I will then proceed to describe and explain all the controls needed to move off safely.

If you already have some driving experience your first lesson will be a driving assessment from which an idea of the standard that you have reached so far.









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